Emotional Wellness

Combining years of training within the fields of counselling, coaching and beauty, I incorporate all of these learnings. Person Centred and Existential therapeutic Counselling, NLP - Neuro Lingustic Programming, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, Essential Oils and now Nutrition and Natural Health.
My sessions are very much guided by the individuals needs.

Wellness sessions:
Counselling/ coaching £60

Psychology Patient

person centred and existential therapeutic counselling 

Carl Rogers, the key figure in the development of person-centered therapy, embraced many of the same tenets as existential therapy but further emphasizes the ability of the client to self-heal within a beneficial and safe client/therapist relationship (Corey, 2006).  Rogers believed that people were motivated toward a natural tendency toward growth and health, and unlike existential theory, believed it was this natural tendency, rather than angst, that was a primary motivational factor in such growth. Corey (2006) uses the description of the acorn's natural tendency to become an oak tree under normal conditions as a metaphor for the human inclination toward growth and development in healthy, nurturing conditions. 

Existential therapy aims to teach clients to reflect on life, become aware of the various options available as a means to creating a meaningful and purposeful existence.  It believes people seek such meaning and purpose and strive toward continual personal transformation.  In existential theory, psychological challenge or disturbance takes place when an individual is not true to him or herself, whereas Roger's person-centered theory believed defensiveness, disorganization, and incongruent circumstances led people from their natural path to fulfillment.  Person-centered theory believes people are self directed, even without the help of a therapist, and will succeed in making necessary changes to solve personal problems.  Rogers believed that a client is best supported by a therapist who is genuine, accepting, caring, and empathetic.  In such a therapeutic environment, growth and development are natural tendencies

£60 per hour 


EFT Or Emotional freedom Technique or tapping is a body/ mind self help method. It combines tapping gently on acupressure points on face, hands and body and vocal attention to thoughts and feelings whilst focusing upon issues that we want to resolve.

EFT allows us to release and transform blocked negative feelings like anxiety, hurt, pain, guilt, fear or anger. It can also transform the thoughts and beliefs behind our emotions.

EFT works swiftly and after a few rounds of tapping we can feel lighter and calmer. One can feel better and gain invaluable insights and new senses of clarity.

EFT is easy to learn and flexible and can be used by anyone. EFT is a simple and natural healing technique and one can discover just how thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect our bodies and impact our lives and how we can learn to live in a more conscious manner, to go forward to living our best lives.

EFT works with our bodies subtle energy system called the meridians. In traditional Chinese medicine, these pathways are accessible via the body’s accupoints.

EFT is like a reboot for our personal energy system, rebalancing as we tap, leaving us feeling more relaxed, at peace and with a new sense of well-being.

Our body, mind, emotions are intricately connected. When we use EFT it can shift our thoughts, our feelings and our bodies responses to the external world.

When we are under stress, the pre frontal cortex of the brain goes into survival mode ( fight or flight) and floods the body with adrenaline and cortisol. EFT can help to calm the amygdula and facilitate the release of calming chemicals to bring us back into a calmer, more resourceful state.

There is a great deal of research and information on the science behind EFT

£60 per hour 


NLP is the language of the human system, the pathway to unlocking the true potential of you. The combination of awareness and ownership can lead to powerful personal change on many levels. NLP teaches you how to become aware of your thoughts, spoken words, body language, energy and most importantly, how people process, store and access information that comes in through the senses that we then utilise to create our reality.
The human system is probably more powerful than any computer on the planet and when learnt to be used at its full potential, can be a mountain moving experience. We are only limited through our perception of possibility that has been taught to us throughout our life so far. NLP can help people unpick the biggest lies in their beLIEf system and current map of reality to allow them to achieve more in life, relationships, sport or business.
NLP incorporates the use of many techniques. Discovering and changing strategies that people use to sabotage themselves away from success is just one of the game changing tools. NLP uses colour, sensation and emotion through different processes to repaint the pictures that drive unconscious behaviours. It helps develop new ways of thinking, acting and feeling that can transform a persons daily environment and interactions with others, all thoughts create feelings (chemicals in the body), through NLP you could learn how to change your chemical makeup to experience more happy hormones. NLP raises awareness not just of self but it also allows a person to see other people’s potential too which leads to less judgement, less comparison and better relationships.
What could NLP do for you?
• Raise awareness of negative language patterns that hold you back. • Increase your self awareness.
• Help you develop emotional control and intelligence.
• Balance your internal chemical factory.
• Develop supportive constructive language patterns. • Resolve past trauma.
• Create strategies to achieve goals.
• Get over phobia’s.
• Build authentic relationships.
• Change negative emotions quickly and efficiently. • Imagineer the future how you want it to be.
• Increase self love, compassion and belief.
• Connect you to your powerful intuitive self.
We are a self fulfilling prophecy, every word we speak or think, emotion we feel and action we take creates an outcome. Learning how to operate your system can enable a person to take back control and start driving the car instead of sitting in the back seat on autopilot.
When is now a good time for you to take back control?

£60 per hour