Hair Analysis 

Hair is used for mineral testing because of its very nature. Hair is formed from clusters of specialized cells that make up the hair follicle. During the growth phase the hair is exposed to the internal environment such as blood, lymph and extra-cellular fluids. As the hair continues to grow and reaches the surface of the skin its outer layers harden, locking in the metabolic products accumulated during the period of formation. This biological process provides a blueprint and lasting record of mineral status and nutritional metabolic activity that has occurred during this time.


The precise analytical method of determining the levels of minerals in the hair is a highly sophisticated technique: when performed to exacting standards and interpreted correctly, it may be used as a screening aid for determining mineral deficiencies, excesses, and/or imbalances. HTMA provides you and your health care professional with an economical and sensitive indicator of the long- term effects of diet, stress, toxic metal exposure and their effects on your mineral balance that is difficult to obtain through other clinical tests.

It is important for the attending healthcare professional to determine your mineral status as minerals are absolutely critical for life and abundant health. They are involved in and are necessary for cellular metabolism, structural support, nerve conduction, muscular activity, immune functions, anti-oxidant and endocrine activity, enzyme functions, water and acid/alkaline balance and even DNA function.

Horse Hair Analysis in the UK

Every show jumper and sports horse owner will understand the importance of a good diet to obtain and maintain peak performance. But even when your horses are fed the best diet, they still get exposed to toxic elements through their environment. Food storage containers, building materials; treated wood and lead based paint, pesticides from crop spraying and land pollution for example.
Your animal can be exposed without your knowledge which can lead to a build-up of toxicity in its system, affect its general wellbeing and most of all its performance.
You may have already noticed signs of equine fatigue which include panting, sweating and dehydration and this can be down to a mineral imbalance caused by build-up or deficiency.

Does Your Dog Display These Symptoms?

If you’re a dog owner, then you have more than just a pet … you have a furry member of the family. Man’s best friend is a blessing indeed, but unlike the rest of the family he can’t tell you verbally if he is suffering, so if you notice lethargy or abnormal behaviour in dogs, these are the most common problems we hear about that have led to dog owners getting their beloved canine tested.

  1. My dog won't stop eating dirt

  2. My dog keeps trembling

  3. My dog has really bad breath

  4. My dog is having trouble walking

£69.00 for human, horse, dog hair analysis

Mineral Test 

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Mineral Check is the simple way of checking your body’s mineral levels and toxins from an analysis of a hair sample. It is a clinically proven laboratory test, using a sample of hair sent to us at the laboratory.
A Mineral Check can help show up any hidden deficiencies before they cause problems and provide information that means a simple tweak in your diet or supplement regime can make a big difference to your overall health and well-being.
A hair analysis test will also show whether you have accumulated any toxic metals, for example mercury, or lead or perhaps aluminium.
Measuring the mineral content of your hair gives you a wealth of information about your levels of nutrients and their ratios and whether you are storing amy harmful substances in your body.
This simple test gives you a unique perspective on your health that would otherwise be hidden and this highly revealing test offers incredible value for money