What I am learning within my living nutrition course is invaluable, we are looking at topics like nutrition protocols, detoxification, microbiome, hormones, brain health, raw. alkaline, ketogenic and much more Anyone who has an interest in natural health and the power we have in which we can take control of our health through nutrition, supplements, good sleep hygiene, tonic herbs, dietary changes, food combining, bio-hacking and many more. Gaining valuable knowledge about homeopathy and how it can enhance our health.
This subject is absolutely the key to longevity and vitality and the more I learn the more I fall in love with it.

Nutritional Cooking

What you put into your body will either harm you or heal you, and it’s about changing our relationships with food and listening to our body’s needs. We are far more powerful than we even could ever dream, if we only give ourselves the chance by looking after ourselves in the way that we really do deserve! Nature has all the answers!

Student nutritional therapist 

I am currently studying nutrition and natural health I am insured as a nutritional therapist under the college of living nutrition 

I offer 3 sessions blocks to enable me to help you achieve your desired outcome. I work closely with my tutor who supervises all recommendations.

3 sessions 150