Combining years of training in person-centred counselling and copious amounts of professional training including Neuro Linguistic programming, I incorporate all the skills and tollset into a very individual experience.

Psychology Patient

Wellness Bespoke Therapeutic Sessions £60.00 Per hour

Counselling; Bespoke Coaching, EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Essential Oils

Doterra Essential Oils

Using Nature’s gifts for emotional and physical wellbeing. Consultations and bespoke packages available. Prices vary depending on individual needs.

Nutritional Cooking

Nutritional therapy 
3 sessions £150 

Student nutritional therapist 

i am currently studying nutrition and natural health I am insured as a nutritional therapist under the college of living nutrition 

I offer 3 sessions blocks to enable me to help you achieve your desired outcome. I work closely with my tutor who supervises all recommendations.


Hair analysis £69

A Mineral Check can help show up any hidden deficiencies before they cause problems and provide information that means a simple tweak in your diet or supplement regime can make a big difference to your overall health and well-being.